Premium Members Advantages

Becoming a Premium Member costs you a cup of coffee and a croissant per month.

To be exact, 5 Euros per month – which totals 30 Euros for a 6 months membership.

When you become a Premium Member, you have 3+ advantages

1. You get to watch the full (non-abbreviated) version of our monthly video tutorials.
Yes, you get a new episode every month!
You have access to the complete archives of well over 40 tutorials
3. You get to talk to the owner of Rikki’s Place, Doris – or to one of her expert colleagues during a
30 minute one-to-one online coaching/consulting/information/training session. (1 session/6 months)
Your choice and at your convenience.
Individual coaching and consulting is worth approximately EUR 150 on the market today. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our Premium Members. All we ask is that the topic you choose is in relation with the subjects covered at Rikki’s Place.

3+ Advantages

4. Two for one! By paying the Premium Membership fee, you have access to both the English AND French videos we produce.
5. Lower phone bill! You have the possibility of downloading the clips as Podcasts, via iTunes. Then you can watch them offline on your iTouch, iPhone and iPad.
6. Yours to keep forever! If you sign up for six months, download past video tutorials via iTunes. And if you decide not to renew, you still get to keep the files you downloaded.

And last but not least!

Rikki’s Place wants to be a quiet space, free of annoying adverts, flashy pop-ups
and other intrusive nuisances.

When you become a Premium Member, your contribution helps me keep Rikki’s Place going
and making it a friendly place to hang out.

Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. Doris


A few boring (but important) details:

a. Residents in Switzerland will need to add an additional 8% VAT to Euros 30
b. No loss of control! The membership fee is a one-time charge that subscribes you for the next 6 months. It’s NOT a monthly charge.
c. Zero obligation to renew! At the end of the 6 month subscription, you’ll receive an email asking if you’d like to renew your membership. There is no automatic renewal. If you decide not to renew, no further payments will be taken.