Mind mapping explained by a champion

by Doris

Many subscribers – maybe you? – enjoyed my mind mapping video tutorial which I published over a year ago: Mindmaps stimulate creative thinking.

Just recently I received an enquiry from a university student in the US who got to see my video tutorial on YouTube. She asked me my permission to integrate the clip into her study about creativity.

Motivated by the above, I selected a complementary video for you that features Tony Buzan who coined the term “mind map” and popularized this methodology through a TV series on the BBC called Use Your Head.

He has also published a series of five books you might find interesting: Use Your Memory, Master Your Memory, Use Your Head, The Speed Reading Book and The Mind Map Book. Here is the link to Tony Buzan on Amazon.

If you want more videos on the topic of creativity and mind maps, please leave a comment here below. I gladly oblige 🙂

You may also have noticed that I have added social media buttons to all the blog posts, allowing you to share my video tutorials on your preferred social media platforms. Your sharing helps my blog gain more visitors. Thank you in advance for spreading the word.

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