PowerPoint | SmartArt | Animation – The trio that makes you an exceptional presenter

by Doris

You too can be an exceptional presenter, like Steve Jobs!

In a previous clip I revived the topic of presentation skills and referred to the unfortunate truths about boring meetings.

In this second video on the same topic of presentation skills, we’ll discover how a few simple clicks in PowerPoint can supercharge the delivery of your message – and prevent your audience from escaping: not physically, but in their minds.

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For our visitors who prefer a text version, here is the transcription of my video commentary

How to make a good presentation with PowerPoint’s secret animation solution

Here we have a presentation in PowerPoint version 2010.

Let’s start with the SmartArt diagram. Without further configuration, your slide show displays the whole diagram, all at once.

And you can guess what happens next: the presenter will talk you through each individual element.

Do you remember how you felt last time when you came across this scenario?

We participants tend to quickly read what’s on the screen, reduce our attention span and let our mind wander to other pastures, more pleasant or more urgent.

This is bad news for the presenter because he has lost you!

Never mind the wonderful idea, the beautiful concept or the great process.

A great presenter keeps his audience alert, to achieve his ultimate goal which is to engage participants and incite them to take action!

And one of the ways to retain people’s attention is to synchronize what you say with what appears on the screen.

Here is how you do it.

I have not added any vocals to the demo because I assume that the animated screenshots are self-explanatory. But you may enjoy the background music, and if not, muting the loudspeakers will do the trick.

Hope you found this often ignored technical feature useful.

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