Do you still like your job?

by Doris

I hope you do!

But perhaps you have this (secret) longing for something else,
something you’ve always dreamed of ?

This video tutorial is entitled What is a Domain Name? It’s the first in a series that is intended to make a contribution towards initiating change – in small, concrete and non life (or job) threatening steps.

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Because if you have a dream, why not start sharing it right now, connecting with others who think likewise – to inspire and get inspired? In other words, test drive your idea at low cost and low risk, so that you can build up your experience over time, make adjustments and learn.

This is possible by initiating an online Internet presence. And even if your future service or product – or simply your hobby – is really an offline venture, you’ll want to reach out to your potential audience far and wide, and start a conversation.

This video tutorial talks about the first and essential step you need to take in preparation of your online presence. Give yourself – and your idea – credibility by owning an Internet Domain Name and a few relevant email addresses.

For example: if designing beautiful gardens was your quest, you could add much credibility to your venture by inviting people to send emails to rather than to

Owning a Domain Name costs about CHF 20 per year. In return, you own your very own brand. And when you’re ready, you can reinforce your brand with an interactive platform that gives you the opportunity to have an ongoing exchange with your target audience. These days, there are wonderful solutions for creating great looking and powerful websites; solutions which are low cost and require only a minimum of technical know-how.

I hope you’ll enjoy this first episode of my new series about change. If you’d like to comment, ask for help or have a need, please open the Comment section here below. Would love to hear from you!

For visitors in the Lake Geneva (Switzerland) area, we’re running discovery workshops about How to create your very own online business.
You too can take a first, risk free first step towards a lifestyle change.

Hints and Tips about choosing a powerful Domain Name for your online venture

Two points:

1. Please download the PDF document I prepared for you 10 rules to help you find a great Domain Name

2. I highly recommend this blog article written by Darren Rowse. Darren is one of the most credible Internet personalities today. He has been active in the Internet space for many years and offers invaluable advice, based on his own experience.

Please note that the powerful points he makes are directly relevant to static web sites as well as interactive ones such as a blog.

Sites that help you find a great Domain Name.

Domain Name Registrars (with no hosting package attached)

Generic and country Domains, excluding ch and li

Generic and country Domains, including ch and li

Recommended places to buy a Domain Name AND a Web Hosting Package.

Web Hosting is a very competitive market with innumerable providers worldwide.

Based on my experience, I recommend that you opt for a local supplier with a reputation of providing excellent after sales support. There is always a time when you’ll require support, and when you do, you’ll be thankful to have chosen a responsive local company!

Please watch out for my the next video tutorial. I’ll cover the purchasing aspects in more detail and provide a  price comparison table.

If you are in a hurry to purchase both a Domain Name and a Web Hosting package, here are two of my preferred Swiss Internet Service Providers whom I recommend, based on personal experience. Excellent provider. Choose French, English or German web pages top right Excellent provider. Web pages only in German at this stage

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