Capture your creative thoughts with mind maps

I have been reorganising my business recently and this triggered many creative thoughts; as such this is a good thing. But sometimes I was simply overwhelmed. Too many thoughts, too many loose ends, no direction, confusion!

There were even moments of distress when choices needed to be made and decisions to be taken.

Luckily, I know about mind maps. Being able to unload thoughts on paper (real or virtual) as they emerge – is a soothing practice. It reduced my stress level and helped me see more clearly what my next steps should be.

In this mini video course I show what mind maps can do for you. Because yes, creative thoughts need to be welcomed as they surface in our minds. But if they make a habit of being indisciplined and roaming free, we will not be able to lay the foundations for concrete action.

Today’s full episode is free for all. I introduce a nifty (and free) mind map software.

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