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One of the ways to make our clients and colleagues happy is to share useful and helpful information. In a connected world, sharing is increasingly done online. And depending on the preferences of your contacts, you have the opportunity of delivering your valuable information in many different ways: here at rikkistips we use video. Other […]

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Have you ever thought of yourself as a one-person business?

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Today I’d like to talk about Business Model You. A creative and powerful way to help you align personal & career aspirations. The topic has a place in this (skills development) video blog, because knowing how to reinvent a career and lifestyle is an essential component of any skills set today. This blogpost was created specifically […]

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Mind mapping explained by a champion

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Many subscribers – maybe you? – enjoyed my mind mapping video tutorial which I published over a year ago: Mindmaps stimulate creative thinking. Just recently I received an enquiry from a university student in the US who got to see my video tutorial on YouTube. She asked me my permission to integrate the clip into […]

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LinkedIn is more than just an online CV. Interview with an expert.

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You’re presently employed, running your own business as an entrepreneur or consultant – or you’re in a period of change. Whatever your situation – LinkedIn is the place to be. In this video, my guest Sarah Santacroce gives you 3 ways to reinforce your presence and reach onLinkedIn. You also get the unique opportunity of […]

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Do you still like your job?

Register a Domain Name

I hope you do! But perhaps you have this (secret) longing for something else, something you’ve always dreamed of ? This video tutorial is entitled What is a Domain Name? It’s the first in a series that is intended to make a contribution towards initiating change – in small, concrete and non life (or job) […]

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Something special, for your eyes only…

You don't need to be a Genius

This article is for business owners with lazy websites. Do you sometimes have this nagging feeling that your website could work harder for you? We’re now offering a 90 minute highly interactive workshop on the topic of Internet & Content Marketing. By attending, you discover how to help prospects find you online and convert them […]

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PowerPoint | SmartArt | Animation – The trio that makes you an exceptional presenter

Boost Your Presentation Skills

You too can be an exceptional presenter, like Steve Jobs! In a previous clip I revived the topic of presentation skills and referred to the unfortunate truths about boring meetings. In this second video on the same topic of presentation skills, we’ll discover how a few simple clicks in PowerPoint can supercharge the delivery of […]

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Are You Bored at Meetings? Get help with SmartArt!

Are You Bored At Meetings?

When was the last time you really enjoyed a meeting? Many people hesitate to admit that they suffer from PowerPoint – and especially – Bullet Point fatigue. In this video I’ll show you how easy it is to break away from the dull Bullet Point routine and start a trend of crisp and visually explicit […]

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SlideShare and PowerPoint boost customer relations | Video

What everybody ought to know about PowerPoint and Slide Share

Use the SlideShare online platform and PowerPoint as tools to provide great service to your customers In this free and full video episode, I talk about Kevin, a support engineer, who needs to explain complex technical issues to his network of resellers. Kevin finds that talking over the phone – whilst at the same time referring to […]

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Mind maps stimulate creative thoughts and thinking | Video

Mind Maps Stimulate Creative Thinking

A video tutorial about how Mind Maps stimulate creative thinking A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. In today’s episode, I introduce a nifty (and free) mind map software. I have been reorganising my business recently […]

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