Instapaper | A simple tool to save web pages for reading later.

by Doris

One of the ways to make our clients and colleagues happy is to share useful and helpful information.

In a connected world, sharing is increasingly done online.

And depending on the preferences of your contacts, you have the opportunity of delivering your valuable information in many different ways: here at rikkistips we use video. Other websites write articles, create eBooks, record audio files, integrate slide presentations – and much more.

But how do we find great content that we can subsequently share?

Has it already happened to you that you stumbled on a website or an article that is really enticing – but you didn’t have the time to read just then? Indeed, there’re many ways to bookmark a web page.

For me, Instapaper, the subject of this blog post, is one of the simplest and yet most powerful little (free) software tools I’ve come across. It helps me reference and organise valuable information every day. I want you to know about it.

The 3.5 minute video gives you a quick overview and I am (almost) sure – you’ll be seduced. Over 2 million users are already!

PS: I have no links (affiliation or otherwise) with the creator. It’s just a cool tool!

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