LinkedIn is more than just an online CV. Interview with an expert.

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You’re presently employed, running your own business as an entrepreneur or consultant – or you’re in a period of change. Whatever your situation – LinkedIn is the place to be. In this video, my guest Sarah Santacroce gives you 3 ways to reinforce your presence and reach onLinkedIn. You also get the unique opportunity of […]

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Do you still like your job?

Register a Domain Name

I hope you do! But perhaps you have this (secret) longing for something else, something you’ve always dreamed of ? This video tutorial is entitled What is a Domain Name? It’s the first in a series that is intended to make a contribution towards initiating change – in small, concrete and non life (or job) […]

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LinkedIn | A well kept little secret that might interest you

LinkedIn Export into Excel

In today’s video tutorial, I would like to reveal an easy techy secret in LinkedIn that lets you export Contacts (also referred to as Connections) into Excel and if you’d like to take this a step further – launch a mail merge in Word. Now, why would you want to do this? Let’s assume you […]

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Something special, for your eyes only…

You don't need to be a Genius

This article is for business owners with lazy websites. Do you sometimes have this nagging feeling that your website could work harder for you? We’re now offering a 90 minute highly interactive workshop on the topic of Internet & Content Marketing. By attending, you discover how to help prospects find you online and convert them […]

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PowerPoint | SmartArt | Animation – The trio that makes you an exceptional presenter

Boost Your Presentation Skills

You too can be an exceptional presenter, like Steve Jobs! In a previous clip I revived the topic of presentation skills and referred to the unfortunate truths about boring meetings. In this second video on the same topic of presentation skills, we’ll discover how a few simple clicks in PowerPoint can supercharge the delivery of […]

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The Art Of Crafting Headlines That Make You Stand Out In A Crowd

The Art of Crafting Powerful Headlines

A 2 minute video to discover 2 sure-fire Headline types that work! (and more) Your headline or title is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Depending on how much in a hurry you are, I propose 3 ways to learn more about Headlines: Watch my video, here below. You’ll […]

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Customer Relationship Management and Social Media | Get the Big Picture

Customer Relationship Management and CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the cornerstone of any profitable business. But today your customers are no longer passively waiting until you feed them information when it suits you! With the emergence of social media, your clients are becoming more involved and more vocal because they have at their fingertips many virtual plateforms where they […]

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Are You Bored at Meetings? Get help with SmartArt!

Are You Bored At Meetings?

When was the last time you really enjoyed a meeting? Many people hesitate to admit that they suffer from PowerPoint – and especially – Bullet Point fatigue. In this video I’ll show you how easy it is to break away from the dull Bullet Point routine and start a trend of crisp and visually explicit […]

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An Online Whiteboard to quickly share your ideas as images

Share your ideas with others - Online!

A picture speaks louder than a 1000 words! In this video I show you how you can use a simple (and free) online drawing tool to explain your ideas or your problems visually, without needing to spend much time writing many words. Sketch your idea whilst using the built in instant messaging feature or use the Skype conference […]

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Excel Charts | Bubble Charts | Video

Make Sound Business Decisions with Excel Bubble Charts

How a powerful Excel Chart can help you make superior business decisions! Excel Bubble Charts integrate 3 different data elements into one. They are a great way to get a visual overview of your business, allowing you to understand and evaluate key aspects and how they relate to each other. In this video tutorial I talk about Barbara, […]

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